Useful Facts about Birth Control and Acne

Do you know that birth control pills help manage acne condition? If your acne condition resists any treatments, it is possible that you have hormonal imbalance. If you suffer from this problem in your body, birth control pills can help you. Read more about this breakthrough discovery as well as the useful facts of birth […]

Pregnancy and Eating Disorders

Under normal conditions a woman’s body may significantly survive within given levels of dietary. However, when a woman is pregnant everything changes. A pregnant woman is need of extra energy for the growing baby in the womb. Ideally, a pregnant woman is in need of great amounts of physical strength and psychological strength. Normally, the […]

Facts, Myths, and Consequences of Teen Pregnancy

The problem of teen pregnancy is no longer new in the society today. It has been one of the rampant issues being faced by the society today especially those parents dealing with the issue. In this article, we will learn more about the facts, myths, and consequences of teen pregnancy as well as its insights. […]

Know about Hair Loss and Pregnancy

Women commonly experience hair loss as effect from their pregnancy. This effect is caused by numerous hormonal modifications that occur during pregnancy period. However, such effect is easily prevented with the proper regime. Moreover, hair loss effect may vary accordingly to the body type of a woman and the regime that she’s using to prevent […]

What are the Early Signs of Pregnancy

Being pregnant is a great milestone that every woman can achieve. However, not all women are not blessed with this milestone or not capable of bearing life. Regardless of this, it’s still fascinating to know that some women are given the chance to get pregnant. With pregnancy, every woman’s life is changed forever. Apart from […]

Dental Care during Pregnancy

Maternal dental care is at the heart of prenatal mother care. During conception and fetus growth, would be mothers lose vitamins and calcium that are important in strengthening the enamel and keeping the gums healthy. In a bid to maintain the dental integrity of mothers, dietary changes are recommended to supplement the loss of essential […]