Pregnancy Exercises

Pregnancy exercises are beneficial and safe for the mothers and the babies. It keeps both the mother and the baby healthy and relaxed. Read this article and discover more about pregnancy exercises that are good and safe.

Pregnant women undergo many changes on their body week by week. To cope up with these changes, women are suggested to do regular exercises that will make them feel good about themselves, release wanted stress and energize their body. Pregnancy exercises strengthen the thigh, butt, and muscles that suffer lots of stress because of the growing uterus size. It also relieves backaches that are usually experience during pregnancy.

The Benefits of Pregnancy Exercises

Pregnancy exercises improve the supply of blood flow and oxygen to the fetus. It prepares the woman’s body for childbirth and minimizes the discomfort and pain for the time of delivery. The exercises will also help the woman’s body for post-delivery as it helps recovers well from the process of labor. Nevertheless, pregnancy exercises should be safe in a way that it is low or light impact without causing any injury of slipping or falling.

Before a pregnant woman begins with her exercises, she should consult her doctor first and discuss her exercise regime. Normally, the doctor will give her some guidelines that should be followed in doing the exercises. In case the woman is already performing exercises before she got pregnant, she can do some modifications on her old exercise regime by eliminating activities of deep knee bends, full sit-ups, bouncing, jumping, and more. On the other hand, pregnancy exercises are not recommended for those who have problems such as low placenta, history of miscarriage, and vaginal bleeding.

The most common and safest pregnancy exercises include walking, swimming, cycling, yoga, and fitness ball. Walking is beneficial for the abdominal muscles and knee muscles of pregnant women. It should begin with low speed as it increases to moderate speed. This exercise should be done 30 minutes for about 3-4 times a week. Swimming is the best exercise for pregnant women as it increases the flexibility and strength of various muscles in the body. It also relieves the pain in the joints caused by body weight increase.

Yoga exercises come in different forms for pregnant women. It focuses on stretching particular muscles in the body that are stressed during childbirth and pregnancy. It checks on the blood pressure and heart rate too. It also gives a sense of oneness between soul, body, and mind as you feel the connection between you and your baby inside the womb. However, yoga exercises that involve extreme body stretching should be avoided.

Fitness ball tones up the abdominal muscles of pregnant women and gives flexibility as well. Sitting on the fitness ball allows pregnant women to practice deep breathing exercises, which are beneficial for their delivery.

Above mentioned exercises should be clearly discuss by pregnant women with their doctors as there are some tips that must be followed before performing the exercise. In case the exercises make you feel tired of uncomfortable, stop immediately and consult your doctor. In addition, always wear clothes that are breathable, and shoes that are fitted for easy exercising. Keeping the body hydrated (before exercising) is also very important.

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